How Convex Mirrors Prevent Thousands of Collisions – Daily

Have you noticed the increased number of roadside convex mirrors? We are now seeing convex road safety mirrors popping up at junctions, outside property entrances and in public car parks wherever we go. Why Are Convex Traffic Safety Mirrors Growing in Popularity? The simple reason why convex road safety mirrors are being installed throughout the UK is that they work.…

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Using Convex Mirrors for Decorative Applications

While the properties of convex mirrors make them incredibly useful in a wide range of practical safety and security uses they are also great for creative, aesthetic applications. These wonderful, engaging mirrors can be used in a wide variety of ways for unique and interesting visual effects that people love to see. Here are just some common ways in which…

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Difference Between Concave and Convex Mirrors

The difference between concave and convex mirrors is among the most commonly asked questions in school level physics examinations. Here’s what you need to know. We all know what mirrors are. They are reflective surfaces, often made from glass coated with a reflective material. Mirrors can also be made from polished reflective metal, such as stainless steel. Most of us…

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What is a Convex Mirror?

Convex mirrors are also often called diverging mirrors, fisheye mirrors, wide angle mirrors or dome mirrors. They are curved mirrors featuring a reflective surface that bulges toward the light source. This means that light reflected from the curved surface spreads out or diverges. What Does Convex Mean? The term ‘convex’ simply means that a surface is curved outwards. Examples of…

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