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Have you noticed the increased number of roadside convex mirrors? We are now seeing convex road safety mirrors popping up at junctions, outside property entrances and in public car parks wherever we go.

Note the visor on this useful convex traffic safety mirror.

Why Are Convex Traffic Safety Mirrors Growing in Popularity?

The simple reason why convex road safety mirrors are being installed throughout the UK is that they work. By improving visibility, convex mirrors are preventing possibly thousands of traffic collisions every day. And importantly, the cost of a modern convex traffic safety mirror is much less than the cost of a vehicle collision so it makes sense to invest in mirrors rather than risk vehicle damage and possibly injury.

Here are some of the prime locations for convex traffic safety mirror placement.

Road Junctions

Many of our UK road junctions can be tricky to negotiate. Drivers need to be aware of traffic coming from multiple directions and carefully judge when its safe to go where they want to go. And some of our UK road junctions connect narrow side roads with busier highways where the traffic can be travelling at high speed. While road signage is useful in warning drivers of a side road, many don’t take any notice and continue to travel at top speed.

Convex Mirrors either side of a busy junction.

Exiting from a side road onto a busier road without being able to see what’s coming is dicing with death. Edging out slowly can help but in many situations the full bonnet of a car needs to have moved from the side road onto the busier road before the driver can even see what’s coming. This is clearly very high risk. Choosing precisely the wrong moment to move forward can spell disaster.

Placing one or two carefully mounted convex traffic safety mirrors on the roadside, directly opposite the side road, provides drivers on both highways with a view of what would otherwise be hidden.

Bends or Curves in Roads

Lines from a well known poem by G.K.Chesterton accurately describes our UK road system.

Before the Roman came to Rye or out to Severn strode,
The rolling English drunkard made the rolling English road.
A reeling road, a rolling road, that rambles round the shire,
And after him the parson ran, the sexton and the squire;
A merry road, a mazy road, and such as we did tread
The night we went to Birmingham by way of Beachy Head.


The description of the ‘rolling English road’ accurately describes how our UK roads are often weaving and winding this way and that, often without any apparent reason. And these reeling, rambling and rolling roads are most commonly found in the countryside. In many cases the speed limit on these roads is the national speed limit of 60mph – and some people think of this as the speed at which they should be driving.

Raodside mirror improving safety for merging traffic.

Now consider travelling on one of these winding countryside roads where there is suddenly a sharp, blind bend and coming in the opposite direction is a tractor towing a trailer stacked with hay bales. Taking that bend at 60mph without being able to see the oncoming tractor would be disastrous.

Carefully locating a convex traffic safety mirror on the bend would enable approaching drivers from both directions to see what’s coming, slow down and avoid crashing into one another.

Convex mirror improving safety at residential car park.

Driveways and Car Parks

Much like concealed side roads, exiting from property driveways can be very hazardous. Also, car parks, where drivers are often very focused on locating parking spaces, are well known for the number of vehicle collisions that often occur.

Convex road safety mirror at busy marina complex.

Properties with driveways leading onto roads are one of the main contributors to the growth in roadside traffic safety mirrors. People sensibly take road safety very seriously so they are often happy to invest in the installation of convex mirrors opposite their driveway to enable them to see what’s coming before they pull out and enable drivers on the road see them as they exit from their property.

Similarly, busy car parks are sensibly installing convex mirrors to help drivers to see what’s coming and how other car park users are manoeuvring. Again, these mirrors are preventing many collisions from occurring every day.

Convex traffic safety mirror on a blind bend.

Blind Spots

There are many locations on our peculiar road system where its impossible to see what’s coming due to blind spots. These blind spots can be caused by vegetation, fencing, walls, building or earth banks. Considerately located convex traffic safety mirrors alleviate the risk of collision by enabling drivers to see what’s otherwise obscured at these blind spots.

Convex safety mirror helping both drivers and pedestrians.

Pedestrian Crossings

Drivers need to be extra vigilant as they approach pedestrian crossings where people might simply step out into the traffic. Carefully located convex safety mirrors can help both drivers and pedestrian see what’s coming and take adequate care to avoid a nasty accident.

Industrial and Commercial Areas

Industrial estates and commercial sites, such as supermarket goods yards, can be very dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers of trucks and vans. Carefully located convex road safety mirrors are now being widely deployed to minimise the risk of collisions and accidents in these situations.

Outside Schools

The areas outside schools are often incredibly busy as kids are dropped off in the mornings and picked up at the end of the school day. And school buses add to the danger for both drivers and pedestrians. Kids can often be distracted and may not be paying adequate attention to the traffic so drivers need all the help they can get to remain aware of what children are doing and react quickly if they stray onto the road.

Convex traffic safety mirrors in these busy areas outside schools help by providing both drivers and pedestrians with improved visibility and avoiding collisions.

Where Would You Place a Roadside Traffic Safety Mirror?

When you are out and about, possibly visiting the shops or friends and family, see how many locations you can spot that would benefit from having a convex mirror installed.

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