Hospitals and Hotels Boost Safety with Convex Traffic Mirrors

In our latest look at how convex traffic safety mirrors are improving safety for road users and pedestrians we highlight installations at hospitals and hotels.

Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety at Hospital Accident and Emergency Entrance

hospital convex mirror accident and emergency department
Convex Mirror Improving Safety at Hospital Car Park

Hospital accident and emergency departments are often incredibly busy with people arriving and leaving both on foot and in vehicles. Visitors are often in a state of distress and those leaving the department can perhaps be less vigilant than they normally would be. Car parking areas are therefore high risk environments for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Hospital Accident and Emergency Department Using Convex Mirrors to Avoid Collisions

To help avoid collisions and accidents some hospitals sensibly install convex traffic safety mirrors for the benefit of both drivers and those on foot. Considerately located convex mirrors help people see what’s coming and avoid potentially nasty collisions.

Hotel Car Park with Tricky Junction

hotel car park entrance convex mirror
Convex Mirror at Hotel Car Park Entrance

Many hotels offer car parking facilities for patrons. Some of these (as shown) are underground and many are directly connected to busy roads. Drivers exiting from these car parks onto a main road can face the same traffic visibility challenges as those faced by drivers exiting from driveways or narrow side roads onto main roads.

convex mirror at car park entrance
Hotel Car Park Convex Traffic Safety Mirror

Carefully located convex traffic safety mirrors improve safety for both those using the hotel car parking facilities as well as drivers on the adjoining road. Installing these safety mirrors demonstrates how the hotel cares about their guests and the local road-using community.

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