Convex Mirrors for Passenger Safety and Security

We love convex mirrors and how they are widely used to improve our safety and security. We typically see convex mirrors at road junctions and opposite driveways where they assist drivers in avoiding collisions and we are seeing convex mirrors increasingly used for security applications in stores and in other locations such as airports, transport hubs and pedestrian walkways.

In this next image you can see a convex mirror strategically mounted in a luxury coach to provide the driver with a wide-angle view of the passengers in his care.

Convex Mirror aiding the driver on a luxury coach.

Coach drivers are faced with enormous responsibilities. Not only must they drive their massive coaches safely, often along challenging roadways and difficult terrain. But they must also keep their passengers safe, secure and happy. They must be able to safely navigate slippery roads, unfamiliar road-works, poor visibility and fast-changing weather conditions. Alongside these challenges they need to keep their passengers, who can sometimes be very demanding, happy.

Passengers can sometimes suffer from travel sickness or other health related issues. And some passengers may cause issues by playing their music too loudly or drinking too much alcohol and exhibiting anti-social behaviour. While the driver should ideally be concentrating on their driving they also need to make certain their passengers are as happy and comfortable as possible.

This carefully located, small convex mirror provides the driver with an overall view of the seats within his coach enabling to easily see any issues that might arise.

In this next image you can see a conveniently mounted convex mirror that’s providing a tourist boat captain with an overall view of the passenger space behind him.

Convex Mirror assisting a boat captain.

Much like the previously described coach driver, this boat captain has a high level of responsibility in keeping his tourist passengers safe and secure while travelling on his boat. While he needs to focus on navigating his craft he also needs to make certain his passengers are happy and secure. Any potential issues amongst the passengers need to be spotted before they escalate. The carefully located convex mirrors helps him keep an eye on his passengers without the need to keep turning around and therefore enabling him to maintain is view of the route ahead.

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