Convex Mirrors Boosting Visiblity at Busy Airport

Our intrepid reporter has collected a number of interesting images of convex mirrors at various locations throughout an airport. These demonstrate how convex mirrors boost passenger safety by enabling people to effectively see around corners and what they are about to encounter.

Convex Mirrors in Airport Corridor

Busy transport hubs like this airport need to efficiently and safely cope with vast numbers of passengers who are often in a rush to make their next connection.

Convex Mirror Providing Wide Angle View in Airport Corridor

Considerately located convex mirrors are both an aid to passengers, enabling them to assess crowded passage ways, while also being useful to airport security personnel.

Convex Mirror Usefully Placed Where Corridors Converge

You can see in these images how the convex mirrors provide a wide angle, expansive view of what’s around the corner. People travelling through the airport can effectively see what’s coming and what they are about to walk into, enabling them to choose the clearest path.

Convex Mirror at Dogleg Point in Passenger Corridor

Mirrors also provide travellers with reassurance they are on the right path and there are no unforeseen obstacles just around the corner.

Convex Mirror on Passenger Walkway to the Boarding Gate

Convex mirrors located near the boarding gates can help passengers assess which gate is best and also enable security professionals to keep a watchfull eye over travellers to spot any suspicious behaviour.

Convex Mirror Near Boarding Gates

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