convex mirror at car park entrance

Hospitals and Hotels Boost Safety with Convex Traffic Mirrors

In our latest look at how convex traffic safety mirrors are improving safety for road users and pedestrians we highlight installations at hospitals and hotels. Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety at Hospital Accident and Emergency Entrance Hospital accident and emergency departments are often incredibly busy with people arriving and leaving both on foot and in vehicles. Visitors are often in a…

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gammaton reservoir mirrors

Keep Roadside Traffic Safety Mirrors Clean to Maintain Visibility

We’ve previously described how convex, roadside traffic safety mirrors are helping to prevent many traffic collisions every day of the week. And many people are noticing how more and more people are recognising the safety benefits provided by installing traffic safety mirrors at tricky junctions and opposite their driveways. But its important to recognise that these road safety mirrors require…

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driveway exit mirrors

Do I Need Permission for a Driveway Exit Mirror?

Driveway exit mirrors improve road safety by enabling drivers to effectively see oncoming traffic on the road they are entering as they exit a driveway. We’ve all seen examples of these convex safety mirrors on UK roads. They are often situated directly opposite private driveways, car parks or public sites such as those we’ve previously highlighted at RHS Rosemoor in…

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How Convex Mirrors Prevent Thousands of Collisions – Daily

Have you noticed the increased number of roadside convex mirrors? We are now seeing convex road safety mirrors popping up at junctions, outside property entrances and in public car parks wherever we go. Why Are Convex Traffic Safety Mirrors Growing in Popularity? The simple reason why convex road safety mirrors are being installed throughout the UK is that they work.…

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Convex Mirrors for Passenger Safety and Security

We love convex mirrors and how they are widely used to improve our safety and security. We typically see convex mirrors at road junctions and opposite driveways where they assist drivers in avoiding collisions and we are seeing convex mirrors increasingly used for security applications in stores and in other locations such as airports, transport hubs and pedestrian walkways. In…

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Convex Mirrors Boosting Visiblity at Busy Airport

Our intrepid reporter has collected a number of interesting images of convex mirrors at various locations throughout an airport. These demonstrate how convex mirrors boost passenger safety by enabling people to effectively see around corners and what they are about to encounter. Busy transport hubs like this airport need to efficiently and safely cope with vast numbers of passengers who…

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welcome to rosemoor

Convex Roadside Traffic Mirrors at Rosemoor

Convex roadside traffic safety mirrors are becoming increasingly ubiquitous on British roads as more people and organisations recognise their road safety benefits. Its great to see how the Royal Horticultural Society gardens at Rosemoor, in North Devon, are using convex traffic safety mirrors to benefit those visiting and working at the gardens. Where is Rosemoor? The RHS garden at Rosemoor…

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paraboolic reflector

What is a Parabolic Mirror?

A parabolic mirror is a form of curved mirror that has a parabolic shape. To appreciate the properties of this shape we firstly need to understand what a parabola is. What is a Parabola? A parabola is a curve defined and described in mathematics by a specific equation. The standard form of a parabola is given by this equation: y=ax2+bx+c…

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convex road safety mirror

Where to Install Convex Traffic Safety Mirrors

Convex traffic safety mirrors are a common sight on British roads, especially in rural, countryside areas where roads can be very narrow. Carefully installed convex mirrors benefit road safety by enabling drivers to effectively see around corners. Here are some basic guideline on where the installation of convex traffic safety mirrors can be useful. Driveways and Narrow Entrances As noted,…

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Using Convex Mirrors for Decorative Applications

While the properties of convex mirrors make them incredibly useful in a wide range of practical safety and security uses they are also great for creative, aesthetic applications. These wonderful, engaging mirrors can be used in a wide variety of ways for unique and interesting visual effects that people love to see. Here are just some common ways in which…

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