About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission here at ConvexMirrors.co.uk is very simple. We want to share what we know and love about convex mirrors. We know how people of all ages are fascinated by reflections and we endeavour to provide interesting, engaging and informative content specifically about convex mirrors.

Our Aims

Our primary aim is to provide accurate information on all aspects of convex mirrors – from their historic origins to the science of how they work. We want people to recognise the many ways in which convex mirrors support our day to day lives and how we rely on them, often without realising it.

High Quality Accuracy

Unfortunately, the internet is plagued by incomplete and often inaccurate and misleading information. A key aspect of our content creation process is quality control. We endeavour to ensure our content is accurate, complete and of the highest quality.

Who is This For?

Our content is for everyone – from youngsters to any age. We know how many school level physics students need to understand exactly how convex mirrors work and how they are used so these are primary aspects of our content development process. But we also aim to be broadly engaging and offer insight that many find interesting.

The Full picture

We Love Reflections

I am a lover of all things visual – and coffee. Read our blog to learn everything there is to know about convex mirrors.