Why are there Convex Mirrors at ATMs?

Do you use ATMs (automated teller machines) to get some cash? If you do, have you ever noticed the little convex mirrors located to the side of the cash machine?

atm convex mirrror
ATM With Adjacent Convex Mirror

These handy little convex mirrors are provided to enhance security and deter criminality. Here are the key reasons why they are there.

Enhanced Rear-view Visibility

Convex mirrors provide a wider field of view than conventional, flat mirrors. This means that even a small convex mirror can reflect a wide view of what’s behind you when you’re using an ATM. This provides ATM users with a valuable rear view mirror, much like in an automobile. By glancing at the reflection in this mirror you can easily see if there’s person behind you who might be trying to detect your PIN as you use the ATM.

Boost Feelings of Security

The wide angle view provided from the ATM convex mirror allows users to see who might be approaching, from various directions, without the need to turn around. This enhances the feeling for security when using these cash machines.

Deter Criminals

The presence of a rear-view convex mirror at an ATM can act as a deterrent to any potential criminals who might be tempted to commit theft or assault at the machine. These simple little mirrors make it more difficult from criminals to surprise ATM users and steal their cash or PIN.

Support Bank Security

Many ATM machines are installed in the external walls of banks where the convex security mirrors can help bank security staff monitor ATM activity, from a distance. This allows these security professionals to covertly observe ATM usage, from a distance, and intervene in any detected suspicious behaviour.

Make Sure You Use Your ATM Convex Mirror

When you are next getting some cash from an ATM look out for the handy convex mirror and use it to keep an eye on who is behind you. You might be surprised by how much you can see from these small mirrors, without the need to turn around.

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