What are Lookunder Inspection Mirrors?

As the name clearly suggests, a ‘lookunder inspection mirror’ is a mirror used for inspection purposes, specifically designed to look underneath items such as vehicles, seats in theatres or elsewhere.

Often simply called ‘inspection mirrors’ or ‘vehicle search mirrors’ these handy mirrors are available in a variety of designs and sizes. At the smaller end of the scale are compact mirrors mounted on telescopic handles, sometimes with useful LED illumination. These mirrors conveniently fold up allowing them to be carried in a pocket.

Compact inspection mirror
Convenient Pocket Inspection Mirror

At the other end of the scale you’ll find larger, trolley mounted search and inspection mirrors specifically designed to inspect and search the underside of vehicles.

under vehicle search inspection mirror
Under Vehicle Search and Inspection Mirror

Lookunder Inspection Mirror Applications

These inspection mirrors are used in a wide variety of applications. Here are some examples.

Trades Related Inspections

Electricians, heating and ventilation engineers, builders and property maintenance professionals all benefit from having an inspection mirror in their toolkits. Sometimes simply called a ‘mirror on a stick’ these valuable tools are used every day to gain visibility into ‘hard to see areas’. Examining heating system flues, for example, is far easier with the aid of one of these devices and examining wiring in hard-to-reach locations is simplified, often avoiding the need for complex and time consuming dismantling.

Automotive Inspections

Garage mechanics and engineers benefit from being able to easily look underneath vehicles and their engines. And small inspection mirrors on telescopic handles are useful for looking into engine compartments and other areas that are difficult to access.

under vehicle inspection
Under Vehicle Inspection

Industrial and Manufacturing Inspections

Those responsible for quality control in busy production environments benefit from being able to quickly and effectively examine the underside and the inside of items coming from the production line. Inspection mirrors enable manufacturing defects to be quickly and easily detected.

Customs and Excise

Customs officers responsible for vehicle and property searches rely on their search and inspection mirrors when checking for contraband. They use larger mirrors to rigorously examine the underside of vehicles and smaller inspection mirrors to examine vehicle contents and compartments.

Police Forces and Security Professionals

Police forces, security professionals and prisons need to rigorously inspect vehicles, the underside of seating and hard-to-reach areas to ensure explosive devices are not being concealed. Lookunder inspection mirrors enable them to quickly and effectively ensure there are no hidden explosive devices.

under seating inspection
Under Seating Search and Inspection


Archaeology often involves careful scrutiny and documentation while causing minimal disturbance. Inspection mirrors enable archaeologists to examine areas that are difficult to reach without causing unnecessary disturbance.

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