Using Convex Mirrors for Decorative Applications

While the properties of convex mirrors make them incredibly useful in a wide range of practical safety and security uses they are also great for creative, aesthetic applications. These wonderful, engaging mirrors can be used in a wide variety of ways for unique and interesting visual effects that people love to see. Here are just some common ways in which convex mirrors are used for decorative purposes.

decorative old convex mirror
Decorative – Old Convex Mirror

In Children’s Rooms and Play Areas

Children are always fascinated by their reflections and they find the expanded field of view provided by convex mirrors very engaging. Thoughtfully located convex mirrors in a children’s play area or room are also a benefit to carers who need to keep a watchful eye over the little ones.


Mirrors are a common feature in bathrooms where concave shaving and makeup mirrors are also commonly used. Convex mirrors can provide interesting and contrasting visual accents in a bathroom space.

Entrance Hallways

Interior designers often choose to hang interesting convex mirrors in entrance hallways as they can make these spaces feel larger and brighter. They also provide an immediately engaging visual element that appeals to visitors.

Ceiling Decoration

Ceiling mounted convex mirrors can create an impressive focal point in a room. They also serve to distribute light and can make an otherwise gloomy space much brighter.

Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

Gardens, patios, balconies and other outdoor spaces are often enhanced by introducing convex mirrors. Mirrors in gardens are great for making the spaces feel larger and accenting the plants and surrounding landscape. The expanded, wide angle reflections provided from convex mirrors can make even the smallest garden or outdoor space feel much more expansive.

Enhanced Lighting Effects

The reflective properties of convex mirrors can be used to create and enhance some spectacular lighting effects. Strategically locating convex mirrors in a room can make the most of natural light coming from a window. Similarly, considerately located convex mirrors can reflect light into what would otherwise be dark corners of a room. And multiple convex mirrors in combination can be used to create interesting and creative lighting effects.

Shops and Public Spaces

Shops, hotels, offices and other public spaces are far more interesting and engaging to visitors if there are interesting artefacts on the walls. People find the reflections from convex mirrors very engaging and their presence in a space can be very memorable to visitors.

Venetian Mirrors

Venetian Mirrors have been popular decorative items for many centuries. They often feature convex mirrors along with intricate, interesting venetian style glasswork, often used in luxurious and traditional interior design applications.

Art Galleries and Installations

Art Galleries are another area in which convex mirrors are commonly used to enhance the experience of visitors. Convex mirrors can also be used as elements in artworks. Grouping together a collection of small convex mirrors, for example, or including convex mirrors in sculptures and art installations.

Enhancing Furniture

Convex mirrors have long been used in furniture pieces. Cabinets, armoires and other furniture items often feature variously sized convex mirrors that reflect light back into a room and enhance the furniture design.

How to Use Convex Mirrors for Decoration

There are absolutely no restrictions in how convex mirrors might be used in decorative applications. The overall aesthetics of the decor project need to be considered such as the space in which the mirror or mirrors are to be placed, the size of the mirrors, the mirror frames and how the lighting in the space will interact with the mirror.

A great way to have fun with convex mirrors in decorative applications is to look out for old and antique convex mirrors at car boot sales and in antique shops. These can often be acquired for very little cost. Mounting several convex mirrors, grouped together on a wall, perhaps opposite a window, immediately creates an impressive visual impact.

Another great way to use convex mirrors for decoration is to take mirrors intended for practical applications and use them in a decorative context. Acrylic convex road safety mirrors, for example, are very affordable, much safer than glass mirrors and readily available. There are many ways in which these robust mirrors, designed for outdoor use, can be creatively incorporated into an interior design scheme.

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