convex road safety mirror

Where to Install Convex Traffic Safety Mirrors

Convex traffic safety mirrors are a common sight on British roads, especially in rural, countryside areas where roads can be very narrow. Carefully installed convex mirrors benefit road safety by enabling drivers to effectively see around corners. Here are some basic guideline on where the installation of convex traffic safety mirrors can be useful. Driveways and Narrow Entrances As noted,…

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Using Convex Mirrors for Decorative Applications

While the properties of convex mirrors make them incredibly useful in a wide range of practical safety and security uses they are also great for creative, aesthetic applications. These wonderful, engaging mirrors can be used in a wide variety of ways for unique and interesting visual effects that people love to see. Here are just some common ways in which…

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Compact inspection mirror

What are Lookunder Inspection Mirrors?

As the name clearly suggests, a ‘lookunder inspection mirror’ is a mirror used for inspection purposes, specifically designed to look underneath items such as vehicles, seats in theatres or elsewhere. Often simply called ‘inspection mirrors’ or ‘vehicle search mirrors’ these handy mirrors are available in a variety of designs and sizes. At the smaller end of the scale are compact…

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Convex Wall Mirror

How are Mirrors Made?

Mirrors are not a recent invention. The history of mirrors dates back thousands of years to a time when basic mirrors were crafted from various materials that had reflective properties. Polished stone, such as obsidian, was likely one of the earliest materials used for creating rudimentary mirrors. These mirrors were not as clear or precise as modern mirrors, but they…

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hemispheric mirrors

What is a Dome Mirror?

The term ‘dome mirror’ is commonly used in reference to convex mirrors. The word ‘dome’ is derived from the ancient Greek and latin word ‘domus’, which means “house”. In the middle ages the German term “dom” and Italian word “duomo” were used for “cathedral”. The English adopted the word to refer to “round, vaulted, hemispherical covering of a buildiing” –…

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How Convex Mirrors Enhance Safety and Security

Convex mirrors are great for enhancing safety and security in almost any environment. They are used in a variety of settings, from parking lots to warehouses, to help improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents. Convex mirrors are also used in security installations to help detect intruders and monitor activity. In this article, we will discuss how convex mirrors…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors are enormously useful, as described in the various posts published from this blog. But it’s beneficial to not only be aware of the advantages they provide but also the disadvantages. Advantages of Convex Mirrors As described in this blog, convex mirrors present what is effectively a distorted image. But this distortion is advantageous as it provides a wider…

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Convex Mirror Images

People often want to see images of both the reflections created by convex mirrors and of the mirrors themselves. If you’re a driver you will already be familiar with the rear view mirrors in your vehicle, which are convex in order to provide a wide angle, expansive view of what’s behind you. And you will have also encountered roadside traffic…

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Convex Road Safety Mirror

Convex Mirrors Help Improve Traffic Safety at Intersections

Convex mirrors are an important tool for improving traffic safety at intersections. They are used to provide drivers with a wider field of view, allowing them to see around corners and other obstacles that may be blocking their view. This can help drivers make better decisions when approaching an intersection, reducing the risk of accidents. Convex mirrors are typically mounted…

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