Do I Need Permission for a Driveway Exit Mirror?

Driveway exit mirrors improve road safety by enabling drivers to effectively see oncoming traffic on the road they are entering as they exit a driveway. We’ve all seen examples of these convex safety mirrors on UK roads. They are often situated directly opposite private driveways, car parks or public sites such as those we’ve previously highlighted at RHS Rosemoor in Devon.

Many properties, especially those located in the countryside, suffer from concealed entrances. These present a safety risk to both drivers on the road and drivers exiting from the driveway. And since the speed limit on many of these often narrow and winding countryside roads is 60mph the risk of a serious accident is very high.

People who need to regularly exit from their concealed driveways onto these roads consider the installation of driveway exit mirrors to help them see oncoming traffic and pedestrians. But before erecting a convex safety mirror opposite a driveway there are a number of important considerations.

convex road safety mirrors

Safety Mirrors on Public Roads

Erecting safety mirrors on public roads is not permitted unless a site has a poor crash record and all other potential solutions have been explored. People are not permitted to simply erect safety mirrors wherever they think they are beneficial.

If you think a convex safety mirror would improve safety in a particularly location on a public road you should talk to your local council or a sensible councillor.

Driveway Exit Mirrors on Private Land

Erecting driveway exit mirrors on private land is permitted but they must comply with the following requirements.

  • The erected mirror must be outside the limits of the highway.
  • The mirror mustn’t cause any danger to other road users either by glare from reflected sunlight or vehicle headlights.
  • Erected mirrors must not overhang the highway or cause obstruction to vehicles, pedestrians or equestrians.
  • Permission of the landowner must be obtained.
  • The Highway Authority will not be responsible for any related costs or liability.

So if you want to erect a driveway exit mirror opposite your driveway you will firstly need to ensure you have permission of the landowner and the erected mirror meets these listed requirements. Its always worthwhile referring to your local council to make certain you are fully compliant with regional stipulations which are often published on council websites. In some circumstances planning permission may be required.

Further Driveway Mirror Guidance

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