Convex Roadside Traffic Mirrors at Rosemoor

Convex roadside traffic safety mirrors are becoming increasingly ubiquitous on British roads as more people and organisations recognise their road safety benefits. Its great to see how the Royal Horticultural Society gardens at Rosemoor, in North Devon, are using convex traffic safety mirrors to benefit those visiting and working at the gardens.

welcome to rosemoor
Welcome to RHS Garden Rosemoor

Where is Rosemoor?

The RHS garden at Rosemoor is a 65 acre site located in a beautiful valley between two national parks at Exmoor and Dartmoor. The address is RHS Garden Rosemoor, Great Torrington, Devon, EX38 8PH. The public entrance to the garden, which is actually a collection of wonderful gardens, is from the busy A3124 road between Great Torrington and Beaford.

What to See at Rosemoor

In 2020 Rosemoor Gardens attracted around 162,000 visitors and numbers have been increasing. One of the reasons why these gardens are so popular is the wide variety of things to see and do. The gardens include everything from huge, well established trees to exotics, vegetables and impressive water features. Rosemoor is famed for the collection of unique ‘garden rooms’ themed to make the most of the seasons. There is never a dull season at Rosemoor.

The plants and gardens aren’t the only attraction. Rosemoor gardens offer some wonderful places to eat and enjoy local produce. And there are regular events throughout the year including live music, open air theatre, craft fairs, workshops and much more. The gardens are a particular favourite with families thanks to the wide range of exciting facilities for children.

The gardens are open seven days a week from 10 until 5pm and there are often evening events such as ‘Glow at Rosemoor’ which sees the gardens magically illuminated with stunning light displays alongside family friendly entertainment.

Parking at Rosemoor

Its worth noting that if you visit Rosemoor without driving (car-free) you can save 30% on garden admission – and there are regular bus services from Barnstaple, Bideford and Exeter.

Car parking at Rosemoor is free and the route to Rosemoor is clearly signposted from Great Torrington. The car parking facility is large with an extra space for busy days. But unfortunately the car parking area doesn’t currently have any electric vehicle charging points.

Convex Traffic Safety Mirrors at Rosemoor

The busy A3124 passes through the Rosemoor gardens site but luckily there is an underpass enabling visitors to easily access the gardens on both sides of the road. Although there is one primary public entrance the site has several additional gateways which are where convex traffic safety mirrors have been sensibly located.

Warning Sign at Rosemoor – Fast Moving Traffic on the A3124

The A3124 is a winding main road with a 60mph speed limit so exiting from some of the narrow, concealed Rosemoor gateways can be hazardous. The road isn’t straight and the abundance of foliage in roadside hedges makes it impossible to see what’s coming. People who work at Rosemoor and others who use these entrances and exits, rely on large size rectangular convex traffic safety mirrors to see what’s coming. Without these mirrors in place they would be putting themselves and other road users at risk every time they exited the site.

Roadside Convex Traffic Safety Mirrors on the A3124 at Rosemoor

This image shows how two large-size rectangular convex road safety mirrors have been carefully positioned and angled directly opposite the gateway to give drivers a clear, expanded view of what’s coming from both directions. These mirrors have bold, stripey borders to make them stand out and prevent the mirrors from being damaged by high-sided vehicle and routine hedge trimming operations.

Large Size Roadside Safety Mirrors with Clear, Red Striped Borders
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